Walking with grief

If you are walking with grief then let this time take you down, let it season you and scar you, let your skin feel the rawness of real life, trust that you are being made in these fierce fires, that good things are coming through.

Grief can be like a lead insole in the bottom of our shoes. It’s thin yet heavy. After a while we don’t notice we walk around with it anymore. Yet there’s a sense of increased gravity, that lightness and levity are harder to reach than they once used to be; that we are somewhat dragging our feet through our days.

Trust that although this time is unchosen and unbidden, the broken-heartedness will make you in the end. Trust that your humanity is increasing, your mortality is bringing what matters most to the fore-front; that your ability to deeply live your love is coming through. Trust that although this time is uncomfortable that you will be held, that your heart can stretched to sustain you in all of this, that your are being initiated as an individual. Trust that you will come through with something to offer- a depth, a delight in life, a deliberate intention to live and love more fully.

Let’s face it- feeling fully from time to time is a precondition of living life as more than a prefrontal cortex attached to a meat based operating system!

We will get to feel the deeper currents under the surface busyness, we will notice the beauty more too- the moss in the crooks of the trees, the way the wind moves through the leaves.

When we grieve we will come into deeper contact with what is. More here- seeing what is now missing in our loss, yet also seeing clearer what is now here too… the gifts that we have been given and how precariously precious it all is…

Published by WildWords

Blog by Tess Howell. Tess is a 5 Rhythms dance teacher specialising in working in the woods and wilds, a Spirit Rock trained mindful movement teacher, an accomplished international dance producer and a specialist in environmental dance and eco-somatics. You can find more info at www.wildmoves.org "If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river." Anthony Bourdain www.wildmoves.org

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