The Beauty of Boundaries

We are only truly at choice when we can say yes and no as easily as each other and do not stray into the terrible territories of people pleasing. 

No is a fierce force that will protect life.  It will serve us to know what we do not want, as much as what we do want. Sometimes no is reclaiming a boundary that has been buried and stepped on that we haven’t had the heart to uphold.

Sometimes a no is mandatory, a mantra, a momento-mori to remind us that there is more to life than whatever it is we are currently doing that we need to shift up.

If we are wise we will no as call of the wild. It is a call that too much has been asked of us an start tit is time ti go tend to ourselves.   A battle cry for better times “ I’m sick of this shit: something has to change here. And soon”

Deep feeling caring types may all override their no- until it come out like a lions a roar in midlife. Back off, I’ve given to much and there are resentments coursing through my blood! Like Pele the Hawaiian volcano goddess who both flows regular rich red lava and occasionally explodes, wanting to purge the layers of heavy lava that is holding her down and keeping her trapped in.  No ideally happens befor the fiery explosion, so it can come as a kindly spoken thing! Speaking (politely or passionately) will surely relieve the pressure- maybe it was no big deal to whomever was asking anyway.

 No is what happens when we finally give ourselves enough empathy to acknowledge that enough enough and however much we can self care our way through whatever it is – that SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE! 

Sometimes our no is  a simple- “meh I don’t fancy it”

 And somedays it is fierce thing that caps lock is entirely appropriate for in order to crown its own sovereignty….

No is a threshold, a choice point, a crossroads. It is an ode to change, to not stay still with the current status quo. It is a potent protection of our own life energy.  It is a knowing that we have our own backs, and that therefore we can be trusted as truth tellers. It is taking a stand – somehow next to ourselves.

Published by WildWords

Blog by Tess Howell. Tess is a 5 Rhythms dance teacher specialising in working in the woods and wilds, a Spirit Rock trained mindful movement teacher, an accomplished international dance producer and a specialist in environmental dance and eco-somatics. You can find more info at "If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river." Anthony Bourdain

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