Let the living world around you love you back to life…

For me the best cosmetic in the world is being cracked open, whether that be by dancing deep until we glow with sweat and all we have shed, by some wonderful wild orgasm that comes wondering through us, by a good cry that comes and washes us clean, or by time in nature and bigContinue reading “Let the living world around you love you back to life…”

What if Rock and Roll is actually religious experience? Community, communion and the power of coming together….

It was a tribe of misfits and mavericks, of a place be truthful about being angry, confused, and deeply disillusioned with corporate promises of coming adulthood.

Music in our teenage years has some hold on us – as we differentiate from our parents and seek to individuate into adulthood, music is a road map, a container for our collective pain and pathway seeking. Lyrics are potent poetry. Album art captures and shapes our psyches. Musicians can hold the daring, the speaking up, the stepping out that we wish that we could find in ourselves. We literally look for rock n’ roll role models, for well known north “stars” that we can navigate our way by; artist who can take in the collective psyche and sing it back to us- holding up a mirror to our collective mind….

The potency and power of the pause-place

It’s a core truth that our life is still happening- even when we are anxiously waiting for something! We each only have finite number of days and we’d be wise to live them all fully- even when it feels like we are in holding pattern until we hear. How can we drop down into the moment, feel our feet on the earth and walk well thorough this day? Yes- even – or especially- if we are waiting on news outside of us or things that we can’t yet see the outcome of…..

Intimacy with the Wild Within

Many of us remain a mystery to ourselves. Our inner landscapes can remain unchartered for decades until some great outer experience suddenly summons us to deeply question what it is that we really feel about it all.  Personally I reckon that becoming intimate with the wild world within us is the most important journey that weContinue reading “Intimacy with the Wild Within”

Freedom and fierceness

For years I’ve followed freedom As my true north A compass in my core- Yet something also gets lost if we don’t commit to showing up day after day. Form can bring phenomenal things. A practice is a potent way to change our lives. Forever freedom has a shadow- if we always get what weContinue reading “Freedom and fierceness”

“Last night a DJ saved my life…” why movement matters

“Last night a DJ saved my life…”- a catchy little line conveying a common experience (hopefully an over-exaggeration)- yet all too often the dance does so substantially enhance my experience of reality. The real joy of going for refuge in something of substance- which in the case of both of the dance and the dharmaContinue reading ““Last night a DJ saved my life…” why movement matters”